What We Do

PR Strategists specializes in strategic communications planning, clinical trial recruitment, and multicultural outreach.


Strategic Communications Planning – Building and maintaining relationships means knowing your audiences’ priorities, motivations, and perceived barriers. PR Strategists works closely with clients to determine their communications objectives, audiences, messages, and strategies and to identify activities that move specific audiences to action. We employ strategies rooted in health research, yet flexible enough to take advantage of new innovations and technologies.

Clinical Trial Recruitment – We develop the right strategic approach to identify and motivate volunteers to participate in clinical trials, so critical to moving research discovery into treatments that save lives. PR Strategists has managed patient recruitment efforts for studies ranging from large, multi-site disease prevention and treatment trials to small studies seeking highly targeted patient groups from local communities.


Multicultural Outreach – As a women-owned, 8(a) certified small business, PR Strategists is passionate about developing culturally appropriate strategies to reach diverse audiences. We are often called upon to help clients educate their publics about health issues that disproportionately impact medically underserved populations, including, diabetes, cancer, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and sickle cell disease. We reach audiences where they are by developing strategies to overcome individual and perceived barriers to seeking care.

PR Strategists Services

Strategic Communications Planning

  • Audience research and focus group delivery
  • Competitive landscape/situation analysis research
  • Message development
  • Partnership identification
  • Program plan execution and evaluation

Clinical Trial Recruitment

  • Clinical trial launches and awareness building
  • Patient identification
  • Provider outreach
  • Needs analysis
  • Recruitment plan execution and evaluation

Multicultural Outreach

  • Plain language and literacy level appropriate materials development
  • Partnership development
  • Community-based outreach
  • Minority media strategies